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These Free Daylesford Attractions are Enchanting

Appreciate the history, the views and explore

Visitors have been travelling to see Hepburn Springs and Daylesford Attractions for more than one hundred years. The early visitors came by horse and cart, then by train and the automobile on dirt roads. Thankfully transport is so much quicker and you can easily visit when ever you please and for as long as it suits you.

There are many free attractions in Daylesford, Hepburn Springs and the surrounding area, some were built by nature, others are man-made or a mix of both. They all have interesting histories which makes them all the more special and exciting to visit.

There is always something charming and intriguing about old stone buildings, bridges or steps, they are a ‘work of art’ that would have taken many weeks, months or longer to create. Most of these creations are still standing today if you take a look around Daylesford, Hepburn Springs and beyond.

Water cascading out of Lake Daylesford in the Central Springs Reserve

Water cascading out of Lake Daylesford in the Central Springs Reserve.

This photo is shows a very old bridge over the creek which was possibly built when ‘Lake Daylesford’ was constructed in the late 1920s.

All the attractions below are quite different and they each have their own story of how and why they were developed or built many decades ago. Each of the attractions were appreciated for there beauty, fun and relaxation. Many decades later that has not changed, they are all still visited regularly.

So take the time to explore, you will be amazed at the new ‘bits’ of history you will discover, new scenery or wildlife that you haven’t noticed before.

For example when you walk around Lake Daylesford on the ‘Peace Mile’ walking track do a little exploring – walk through the Central Springs Reserve and along the creek or sit down and take in the view, each season will change the scenery.

Daylesford and Hepburn Springs Free Attractions

Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve

The Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve is enriched by its beautiful location but also it has over a century of history which adds to the atmosphere and scenic views.

The reserve is home to the famous ‘Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa’, there are also several mineral springs.

You will find picnic facilities with plenty of grassed areas, a playground, bush walking trails and the ‘Pavilion Cafe’ is nearby for a meal or refreshment.

The image to the right shows the ‘stunning’ pathway as you walk from the Bathhouse to the Pavilion Cafe and picnic areas. Everywhere you walk you are surrounded by many decades of history.

Discover more about the Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve – a Delight to visit.

hepburn mineral spprings reserve bathhouse

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Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens

The Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens are one of the many free outstanding Daylesford attractions.

The gardens are are delight to visit and to have a picnic as there are so many beautiful places to throw down a picnic rug and just relax and admire the view.

To walk along the paths and amongst the amazing tall trees is a lovely experience.

The gardens are 150 years old in 2013, they have been a part of Daylesford since the 1860s.

To discover more about the gardens visit the Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens page.

daylesford wombat hill gardens

Central Springs Mineral Reserve

The Central Springs Mineral Reserve is one of the many excellent Daylesford attractions, it is adjacent to Lake Daylesford at the spillway end and can be accessed by the ‘Peace Mile’ walk or by car via Fulcher Street.

The reserve is a stunning place for a walk or a picnic, the creek makes a very relaxing sound and there are plenty of grassed areas with a few picnic tables.

There are several mineral springs to discover along the creek and walking trails to explore.

See more images and things to do at Central Springs Reserve

daylesford Central Springs Mineral Reserve

Lake Daylesford

Lake Daylesford can be admired from any point around it, it is beautiful and each season surrounds it with different colours.

It is a great spot for a picnic, for kids to play and enjoy watching and feeding the birdlife.

You can have a go at catching a fish, hire a paddleboat or row boat, explore Lake Daylesford and have some fun.

Try the mineral springs water at Wombat Flat Spring and Central Springs Reserve and enjoy a bush walk.

See more photos and information about Lake Daylesford it is a ‘must see’ Daylesford attraction.

lake daylesford picnic area

Jubilee Lake

Jubilee Lake is only about three kilometres south of Daylesford and it is a very popular place to visit for a a few hours, a day trip or stay longer in the Holiday Park which is adjacent to the Lake.

The lake is surrounded by the forest so it is in a very natural bush setting which is very appealing and beautiful. The lake has all the necessary amenities and many things to do for an exciting fun day or a very relaxing day.

There are many activities and things at Jubilee Lake to do that include, fishing, canoeing, swimming, paddleboats, bush walking and wildlife watching, there is a playground and a large grassed area.

Jubilee Lake picnic camping daylesford

Old Hepburn Pool

The old Hepburn Pool is a natural ‘bush’ swimming pool that was built in the 1930s. The pool is in the Hepburn Mineral Reserve and it is filled by the Spring Creek.

At the time many of these types of pools where built in most towns. It is most likely the only surviving swimming pool of it’s kind as it was also used for the Victorian Swimming Championships.

The setting is absolutely beautiful and really interesting to explore, of course you can have a picnic and a swim.

Find out more about the Hepburn Pool

hepburn pool daylesford spring creek

All the above Daylesford Attractions are very popular especially for picnics and other recreational activities or to simply relax. Daylesford and Hepburn Springs has many other interesting things to do while you are visiting or staying in the area.

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