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Daylesford’s Surrounding Towns

Only a short scenic drive away

Daylesford’s surrounding towns are really worth visiting while you are staying in the Daylesford Hepburn area, you may like to go for a few short drives or day trips.

The towns around Daylesford were gold mining towns in the mid 1800s. All these towns have buildings and remnants of the gold mining era that are interesting to see and explore.

The closest surrounding towns to Daylesford and Hepburn Springs are Creswick, Smeaton, Clunes, Castlemaine, Newstead and Trentham, they all can be driven to in about thirty minutes or less.

Touring to Creswick, Clunes and Smeaton

Driving from Daylesford to Creswick, Clunes and Smeaton is a very picturesque drive as all these towns were gold mining towns and they are amongst farmland, rolling hills, forests, creeks and lakes.

This tour will take about half a day allowing for driving time, exploring each town, visiting a few attractions, having lunch at a cafe, country pub or a picnic lunch. Of course you may only have time for a quick drive or you can take most of the day if you make it a very leisurely ‘stop everywhere’ drive.

Driving to Newstead, Maldon and Castlemaine

Newstead, Maldon and Castlemaine are all different and interesting, they range from a small country town to a regional city.

Driving to Newstead, Maldon and Castlemaine will take about 90 minutes of driving plus extra time to exploring, dining or having a picnic lunch, visiting attractions and all the other things to do and see. So your tour could take at least half a day or most of the day if you want it to.

Visit Daylesford’s surrounding towns Newstead, Maldon and Castlemaine

maldon victoria australia main street road sign

Maldon’s main street is very unique and a delight to visit

Road Trip to Kyneton, Woodend, Macedon and Trentham

Driving from Daylesford to Kyneton, Woodend, Macedon and Trentham is about 2 hours driving plus any extra travelling and visiting the towns or attractions so it would probably be a full day outing.

There are plenty to see and do on this journey from sampling the local produce to visiting historic buildings or going to ‘Hanging Rock’ and the ‘Memorial Cross’ on the top of Macedon Ranges, while you are there enjoy the amazing view.

Explore the unique towns of Kyneton, Woodend, Macedon and Trentham

Daylesford and Hepburn Springs are very unique towns and so are all the towns that are listed above but they all have that common bond of being gold mining towns that initially shaped them to what they are today.

Appreciate the heritage buildings, the gold mining remains and relics but also embrace the uniqueness, the diversity, the local produce, the nearby forests, the wildlife and the stunning scenery that surrounds these small country towns. Use the map below to plan your own drive in the country and visit at least some of these towns.

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