Our Fun Treasure Hunt

Daylesford and Hepburn Springs ‘Treasure Hunt’

Can you find everything?

Everyone loves a ‘Treasure Hunt’.

This list of ‘Treasure Hunt’ items is a fun way to discover more about Daylesford and Hepburn Springs with some historical and fun things to find.

Daylesford and Hepburn Springs are full of historic buildings and unique places, things to discover and explore. They all have a story to tell. Fortunately most of the history has been documented so their stories can be retold in writing or pictures.

The list below is an interesting mix of ‘old and new’ and ‘historic and unique’ things to find. Daylesford and Hepburn Springs are intriguing towns that are full of surprises in each ‘bend of the road’ or ‘over each hill’ (and there are plenty of them).

Wildlife at Lake

Rock Wall at the Gardens on the Hill

Rustic Wooden Seat

Clue – Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm – enjoy the search – ‘Lavandula’ is beautiful

treasure hunt rustic seat

Historic Door

Can you find this beautiful old door?

Clue – Central Springs Road near main shopping centre.

 treasure hunt old door

Where is This…

Old Car

Clue – Usually parked near an antiques and collectables store.

treasure hunt old car

Map of ….

Rocky Ampitheatre Steps

Very old amphitheatre style steps built in the mid 1900s.

Clue – The ‘Peace Mile’ Walk

If you sit on these steps you will see some very similiar steps, you can also imagine what is was like in the middle of last century when there was a high wooden diving platform in the water in front of those steps, boats cruising around, many locals and visitors swimming and enjoying a picnic.

‘Memory of Place’ Sculpture

Clue – Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve

When you find it, read the book on the chair and the ‘Memory of Place’ information board which invites you to find five ….

Take your time walk around and ‘really’ feel the history of the past one hundred years that made this place so popular and special as it is so unique.

Ice Cream Chairs

Clue – near Vincent Street

Very Unique Roof Top 

Clue – In Hepburn Springs near a picnic area and several mineral springs 

‘First Gold’ Found Monument

Clue – Lake Daylesford

Find this monument that commemorates where John Egan found the first gold in 1851

Old Truck with Rocket

Clue – Central Springs Road

Where is this…

The Pavilion

Clue – The Central Springs Mineral Reserve

Central Springs Mineral Reserve is a beautiful picnic spot with loads of history. The above building called the ‘Pavilion’ was built in the early 1900s and was very important to the locals and visitors as it was the kiosk and the bandstand.

Unfortunately the building is in disrepair but it is still a reminder of years gone by. During the day is would have been very popular for the kiosk and by night the band would start up and have everyone dancing, especially popular with honeymooners.

Row of Giant Pencils

Clue – In a lane way between Vincent St and Duke St. 

These pencils are very ‘funky’, the colours of each pencil are named after a Daylesford icon, street or anything else. For example – Bathhouse Blue, Mineral Mauve and of course there are some very ‘quirky’ and comical names.

Black Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Clue – In main shopping centre on a roof top – Look up!

Huge ‘Stihl’ Chainsaw

Clue – In Daylesford along the Midland Highway

Only on display in business hours.

The chainsaw is several metres long, you won’t miss seeing it!

Good luck finding all of these ‘Treasures’.

We are always on the lookout for things to add to the ‘Treasure Hunt ‘ list so check back often and keep discovering more about Daylesford and Hepburn Springs.

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