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Daylesford and Hepburn Springs area has a treasure trove of history and much loved attractions that have been visited since the mid 1800s.

We would love to capture some of that history or more recent stories of interest.

  • Do you have a favourite place you visit often.
  • Did you visit the area as a child and returned years later.
  • Can you recall historic events or stories.
  • Share a few of your favourite photos – old or new.
  • Do you love going to the markets and festivals. Which ones?
  • Why did you move to the Daylesford and Hepburn Springs area.
  • Have you written a poem about the local area.
  • Do you have a favourite camping or fishing spot or walking trail.

To add your story, poem, photos or anything else you would like to include on this page please go to the form near the end of this page with the heading of ‘Please Share Your Story With Us’.

Story – Protecting the Mineral Springs

This short story of how the mineral springs were protected many years ago was written by Clare Gervasoni in 2003. It can be seen outside the Hepburn Bathhouse as shown in the image below.


Countless generations have known the special quality of the waters at Hepburn, but when mining stopped the mineral water flow a group of local citizens decided to change things.

Hepburn residents met at the Italian reading room, now Savoia Hotel, asking the government to provide accurate analysis of the water, grant land around the source and appoint local trustees.

On March 13, 1865 the first permanent mineral water reserve in Victoria was proclaimed here at Hepburn.

We recognise the foresight of the first committee and the many people who have worked tirelessly over the generations to protect the springs we enjoy today.

Our challenge is to continue that vision.

Clare Gervasoni   –  2003

This ‘Memory of Place’ Sculpture is at the Hepburn Springs Mineral Reserve

Read the ‘Memory of Place’ Sculpture sign nearby to understand what and who the sculpture represents.

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