My G G G Grandfather Dr Guscetti

by Jenni
(Goulburn, NSW. Australia)

In recent times I have been putting together my Family history,
I am both delighted and very humbled to be a Decendent of Dr Guscetti , who i believe, together with others recognised that the Springs were more valuable than Gold.

Dr Guscetti, was the Chairman of the first committee, who worked to save the Springs.

I am delighted to have found that my ancestors, worked not only for themselves, but were very committed to community building.

I am also very humbled to say, that I have a very long line of extremely good people through my family.

Dr Guscetti, ran a Vineyard and shared his colonial wine with locals, poor, and the sick...

I have been fortunate to have found an abundant amount of information on the Good Doctor, and even more humbling is the amount of people who know of him, and his work and his character, and who have been so willing to share their knowledge.

My quest now. will be to make sure I do his good work justice, in telling the story my way

My hope is for future generations to accept the challenge of keeping their vision...

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