Going Fishing In The Daylesford Area

Going Fishing In The Daylesford Area

Also nearby lakes, creeks and reservoirs

Fishing in the Daylesford area is very popular as there are many different waterways to cast a line in for all ages, the beginner to the pro, off the bank or in a boat, bait fishing, spinning or fly fishing, you can try it all.

The fish will do their best to play ‘hard to catch’ but with some patience and experimenting with bait or lures hopefully you will win.

The main fish caught in the region are brown trout, rainbow trout and redfin also golden perch, tench, goldfish and blackfish.

Fishing Licences

Everyone needs a fishing licence unless you are under eighteen years old, over seventy years old or you have a seniors card or these other pension/disability cards listed on this page.


Licences can be purchased online at the above link

There is also an ‘iphone app’ that is the Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide 2016 which also includes the fishing licence application

You can also purchase your fishing licence from these locations so you can go fishing in the Daylesford area or anywhere else in Victoria.

Jubilee Lake Holiday Park, 151 Lake Road, Daylesford
Newstead General Store, 12 Lyons Street, Newstead
H. Rehfisch & Co Fishing and Tackle store,  903 La Trobe St, Ballarat
BCF – 333 Gillies Street, Ballarat – will assist you purchase a licence online
Department of Sustainability & Environment, Cnr Mair & Doveton Streets Ballarat
Department of Sustainability & Environment, 37 Hargreaves Street Castlemaine

For more information read the Victorian fishing guide 2017

The Guide is free and available as an App or Hard copy.

Family Friendly Fishing in the Daylesford Area

Jubilee Lake is regarded
by the Department of Primary Industries as a ‘Premier’ family friendly lake, it is in a great location and easily accessed from Daylesford and the surrounding area. It is stocked in the second and third school holidays each year with large rainbow trout perfect for catching and to encourage fishing.

Also Jubilee Lake has excellent facilities for all abilities and ages with a picnic area with BBQs, playground, canoes and paddleboats to hire, a mineral spring, plenty of room for playing and everyone can enjoy the bush walks when you are not fishing.

Calembeen Lake and St Georges Lake in Creswick are also ‘family friendly’ lakes as they are also regularly stocked in the school holidays with large rainbow trout. Both locations have toilets, picnic facilities including gas BBQs and bush walking trails.

More information about these locations see the listings below.

Another option for family friendly fishing in the Daylesford area is the ‘Tuki Trout Farm’ near Smeaton. With dams stocked with trout you are guaranteed to catch a fish or two. Your catch can be your lunch or you can take it home.

Closest Fishing Gear and Tackle Shops

BCF stores do sell fishing bait

Ballarat Area

R.F Scott & Co – 910 Howitt St, Wendouree, Ballarat
H. Rehfisch & Co Fishing and Tackle store –  903 La Trobe St, Ballarat
Kmart in Stockland Shopping Centre, Corner Gillies & Norman Streets Wendouree
Aussie Disposals – 65 Bridge Mall, Ballarat
BCF – 333 Gillies Street, Ballarat

Bendigo Area

Hendersons Fishing & Camping – 214 Eaglehawk Rd, Bendigo
Hartleys – Shop 1/ 176 Lyttleton Tce, Bendigo
Fletts Fishing & Outdoors – 75 Mitchell St, Bendigo
Aussie Disposals – 23 View Point, Bendigo
BCF – 239 High St, Bendigo

Local Fishing Information Pages

Central Highlands Water Fishing Information Page 

Local fishing spots around Creswick  

Locations For Fishing In The Daylesford Area

Lake Daylesford

Lake Daylesford is only about 2 kilometres away from the main street so it easy for everyone to access. You maybe be able to walk there from your accommodation, otherwise it will be a short drive. Trout and redfin are the main fish caught either from the bank or you can use a canoe or kayak, then you will have more options as to where you cast the line in.

Jubilee Lake

Jubilee Lake is in a natural bush setting and the Holiday Park is nearby. There are several platforms to fish from and some areas where you can fish from the bank. The fish that are usually caught are rainbow trout and redfin, it is also possible to catch tench and roach. Jubilee Lake is an excellent location for picnics with the family as it has all the facilities and amenities and it really is an excellent spot for fishing in the Daylesford area.

Wombat Reservoir

Wombat Reservoir is a popular place to fish especially if you are looking for a challenge, it is stocked with brown and rainbow trout and redfin. It is near Jubilee Lake and accessed by the Wombat Dam Road. 

Hepburn Lagoon

Hepburn Lagoon is located between Blampied and Smeaton, it is accessed by walking through private paddocks from Daylesford/Clunes road or via a lane off Werona/Kingston Road. Hepburn Lagoon is a very well known and popular fishing hole that has brown and rainbow trout, redfin, tench and goldfish. It is in a beautiful setting surrounded by farmland that can get very cool if a southerly is blowing.

Fishing in Nearby Lakes, Creeks and Reservoirs

Cosgrove Reservoir at Creswick
Stocked with brown and rainbow trout, there is also redfin and tench.

St. Georges Lake, Creswick
Originally dug for water supply in the gold mining days, it is now used for picnics, bushwalking and water activities including fishing for brown, rainbow trout, redfin.

Birch or Bullarook Creek
Birch Creek starts at the Newlyn Reservoir and joins with the Creswick Creek near Clunes it is then called the Tullaroop Creek. Mainly brown trout, redfin and black fish.

Creswick Creek
Creswick Creek starts at Creswick and meets the Birch Creek at Clunes. A shallow creek with occasional deep pools, it has brown trout and blackfish.

Dean Reservoir
Surrounded by farmland, stocked with brown and rainbow trout, also redfin and tench.

Newlyn Reservoir
Surrounded by farmland, easy to access, brown trout, redfin, goldfish and roach.

Tullaroop Creek and Reservoir
The Tullaroop Creek starts near Clunes after the Creswick Creek and Birch Creek meet, the width varies up to 5 metres with occasional very deep pools. Brown trout, redfin, tench, blackfish and be caught. The creek flows into the Tullaroop Reservoir near Maryborough. The reservoir has brown trout, redfin, tench, goldfish and golden perch.

Jim Crow Creek
The Jim Crow Creek starts near Daylesford and flows into the Loddon River near Newstead, the main fish caught are brown trout, rainbow trout and redfin.

Cairn Curran Reservoir, near Newstead and Maldon
Cairn Curran is a huge lake and has many access points and there are a few camping areas, boating is permitted. The fish caught are usually redfin, brown trout, golden perch and tench.

Loddon River, Bridgewater
The Loddon River starts at Guildford near Daylesford then flows to Cairn Curran Reservoir and continues to Laanecoorie Reservoir, Bridgewater, Serpentine then it continues north and flows into the Murray River. The most common fish caught are Murray Cod, golden perch and redfin.

Expedition Pass Reservoir, Castlemaine
Previously was used for water storage, now it is a fishing hole surrounded by bush, the main fish caught are redfin, golden perch and murray cod.

Malmsbury, Lauriston and Coliban Reservoirs near Kyneton
They are all domestic water storages and only bank fishing is permitted.
Malmsbury reservoir has brown trout, redfin, tench, goldfish and roach.
Lauriston reservoir has brown trout, redfin and roach.
Coliban reservoir has brown trout, redfin, Macquarie perch, goldfish, blackfish.

Ballarat Area

Gong Gong Reservoir
This reservoir is stocked with brown and rainbow trout and also has eel, redfin, tench.

Lake Wendouree
Shallow lake, small power boats are permitted, stocked with rainbow and brown trout there is also redfin, tench, european carp and goldfish.

As you can see there are plenty of options for fishing in the Daylesford area and in the nearby towns like Creswick and Newlyn. Further afield are towns like Castlemaine, Newstead and Kyneton which have a variety of different places to fish.

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