Drive to Newstead, Maldon and Castlemaine

Drive to Newstead, Maldon and Castlemaine

Experience Daylesford Region Local Towns

Drive to Newstead, Maldon and Castlemaine while you are holidaying in the Daylesford and Hepburn Springs area. These towns are similar in the way that they are ‘gold mining’ towns and have kept the heritage appearance where possible.

They are quite different in size with Newstead population is several hundred, Maldon’s population is several thousand and Castlemaine is a regional city with population of about eight thousand.

Newstead – Vibrant Community on the Loddon River

Drive to Newstead and see a lively town with the community involved in many community groups, activities and events throughout the year. Newstead is a former gold mining town, surrounding the town is farmland that has diversified from sheep and cattle to include emus, wineries and organic produce.

Like most towns in the area it has several historic buildings like the former Courthouse which is now home to the Newstead Historical Society. Newstead is fairly self sufficient with the main essentials services and a variety of sporting facilities in town.

The main street has some interesting shops to visit and you can relax with a coffee or a snack. The Pyrenees Highway is the main street which will take you to either Castlemaine or Maryborough, if you would like to return to Daylesford take the Newstead-Guildford Road.

Drive to Newstead and discover this small vibrant town on the Loddon River.

Maldon takes you back to the ‘Good Old Days’

Maldon is a unique town where most buildings are kept ‘old’ and authentic as possible and it is the first thing you will notice when you drive into Maldon.

Driving through and walking along the streets of Maldon is truly a treat, everywhere you look there is something interesting or unique to catch your attention. As there is a great range of unique shops to browse and find that special ‘something’ to purchase, there are also several cafe’s to have a break and enjoy a coffee or meal.

Maldon also has gold mining relics, the Beehive chimney, out of town is Carman’s Tunnel and the Mount Tarrangower lookout tower.

Find out more about Maldon and the surrounding area.

Castlemaine – Charming with Historic Streetscapes

Castlemaine is a regional city and it fortunately has kept it’s old age charm. It was also a gold mining town and has many buildings heritage listed with the National Trust.

Including the post office, the Commercial Bank, the old Flour Mill, the old Telegraph office and many more. Castlemaine has a beautiful Botanical Garden that was created in the 1860s and is a delight to visit, the Theatre Royal has been operating since the late 1850s and still shows films and has live concerts.

Castlemaine has plenty of sporting facilities and claims to be the ‘Hot Rodding’ capital of Australia. Find out much more about Castlemaine so you can explore this interesting historic large town or small ‘country’ city.

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Drive to Newstead, Maldon and Castlemaine