List of Daylesford Schools and Beyond

There are many options for education in the local area

There are a variety of Daylesford Schools that may suit your child or children including pre-school, primary and a secondary school.

If you live out of town you may be interested in enrolling them at a smaller town's primary school closer to your home.

If travelling to Castlemaine is a suitable option for you there is the full range of schools including secondary, primary, pre-school and a 'Steiner' school if you are interested in an alternative to a mainstream school.

Daylesford Schools For All Ages

Daylesford Secondary College

Years 7 to 12 with about 500 students
Contact details - Smith Street, Daylesford, 3460 - Phone 03 5348 2367

Daylesford Secondary College

Daylesford Primary School

Years Prep to Grade 6 with about 300 students
Contact details - Vincent Street, Daylesford, 3460 - Phone 03 5348 2480

Daylesford Primary School

St Michaels Primary School

Years Prep to Grade 6
Contact details - Smith Street, Daylesford, 3460 - Phone 03 53481261

St Michaels Primary School

Dharma School

Years Prep to Year 9 with nearly 30 students
Contact details - 11 Perrins Street, Daylesford, 3460 - Phone 03 5348 3112

daylesford Dharma School perrins st

Hepburn Primary School

Years Prep to Grade 6
Contact details - Main Road, Hepburn 3461 - Phone 03 - 5348 2531

Hepburn Primary School

Daylesford Pre-school Centre

Contact Details - 64 Central Springs Road, Daylesford, 3460 - Phone 03 5348 2011

Hepburn Kindergarten

Contact details - 2 Golf Links Road, Hepburn Springs, 3461- Phone 03 5348 3750

Community Child Care Centre

Contact details - 81 West Street, Daylesford, 3460 - Phone 03 5348 3702

Castlemaine Schools

Castlemaine Primary School

Castlemaine North Primary School

Castlemaine Steiner School and Kindergarten

Castlemaine Secondary College - Junior and Senior Campus

St Marys Primary School

Surrounding Area Primary Schools

Guildford Primary School

Bullarto Primary School
South Bullarto Road - Phone 53485559

Trentham District Primary School

Drummond Primary School
Lauriston Rd, Drummond - Phone 03 5423 9152

Yandoit Primary School

74 High Street Yandoit - Phone 03 5476 4286

Creswick Primary School

Creswick North Primary School


St Augustines Primary School

Newlyn Primary School

Ballarat Secondary Schools

Ballarat High School

Ballarat Secondary College

Mount Clear Secondary College

Sebastopol Secondary College

Ballarat and Clarendon College

Damascus College

Loreto College

Ballarat Grammar College

St Patricks College

Map of Daylesford Schools, Nearby Towns and Ballarat

This map indicates where all the above schools are located so you can easily compare the address to your residence or area where you are planning to move to.

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