Daylesford Festivals, Markets and Shows

Daylesford Festivals, Markets and Shows

Hepburn Springs and Daylesford festivals, markets and shows are happening throughout the year. These shows, festivals and markets are hugely popular with a wide range of people including locals and visitors to the area.

Harvest Week Festival

The Harvest Week Festival promotes and celebrates the local farm produce in many ways with special events organised by the local producers, chefs and restaurants. There will also be cooking classes and forums held about growing the produce.

ChillOut Festival

The ChillOut Festival is held on the Labour Day weekend each year. The festival is the biggest gay and lesbian in country Australia with many venues throughout Daylesford, Hepburn Springs and beyond hosting plenty of entertainment and exhibitions.

Lavandula’s Festivals

Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm has three festivals, in January they celebrate the Lavender Harvest, in May they celebrate the Autumn harvest, in November they celebrate their Swiss-Italian heritage and how beautiful the garden is in spring.

Swiss Italian Festa

Hepburn Springs and Daylesford celebrates their Swiss-italian heritage with a Festa. The Festa includes many events that will be enjoyed by everyone including a street parade, fireworks, live music, food and wine and much more.

Daylesford Highland Gathering

Victoria Park, Ballan-Daylesford Road,

Daylesford Agricultural Show

Showcasing eveything that is great about being in the county through many displays of our local agriculture and food, the rides and the ‘show bags’.
To be held at Victoria Park

Daylesford Markets

The Daylesford Sunday Market

The Daylesford Sunday Market is held at the Daylesford Railway Station every Sunday from eight o’clock in the morning till mid afternoon. This is a huge ‘Trash to Treasure’ Market and it has been going for many years.

The Daylesford Farmers Market

The Daylesford Primary School in Vincent Street hosts a Farmers Market on the first Saturday of each month in the morning from 9 o’clock till one o’clock. Purchase many types of fresh produce direct from the local producers in the Daylesford area.

The Hepburn Springs and Daylesford Festivals and markets celebrate and showcase it’s riches and uniqueness that makes the area so special. There are many shows, tours and exhibitions that are held in the area that happen regularly or occasionally that may interest you, anything from live music, art, gardening to fashion is possible.

Daylesford Area Events Calendar at much more information at the Daylesford Information Centre Website

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Daylesford Festivals