Dancing and bathing at the Pavilion

by Kerry

Pavilion ceiling

Pavilion ceiling

Several times my Grandmother (Carol) told me the story of where she met Grandpa (Tom), it is a cute story as they met in Hepburn Springs at a dance. They met in the 1930s at the Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve Pavilion (now the Pavilion Cafe).

The Pavilion was used for community events especially regular dances, Carol loved to dance, between dances she was introduced to Tom by a friend, Tom did not like to dance (because he did not know how). It turned out they were quite smitten with each other and on the quiet Carol gave Tom some dancing lessons and they were soon swinging around the floor with ease. Obviously all went well and they got married and were very proud of their five children and grandchildren.

During the summer the Pavilion was changed to a bathing pool, the floor was filled with mineral spring water to the height of about four bricks up the wall and below the bench seat that is around the inside of the walls. You can see the stained bricks in the photo of the corner wall, bench seat and original italian tiles.

The Pavilion is one of my favourite places to visit in Hepburn Springs, the octagonal framed ceiling is amazing to look at, it must of been so difficult to make many decades ago.

The photo of the 'cafe shop' shows that section was most likely the stage for bands or plays. The stain glassed windows are just stunning, the room was refurbished for the Cafe as it had been abandoned for a few decades.

The Pavilion building is very interesting and has a history that is very unique and hopefully will be there forever. A 'must see' attraction and a it is great for a coffee, wine, a meal, even a party or wedding.

Take a few minutes and try to imagine what it would have been like all those years ago, in the Pavilion, tasting the mineral springs, have a picnic, walk around and spot the original structures and old trees still there in the reserve.

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