All About Daylesford

All About Daylesford…

The charm, nature’s gifts and history

About Daylesford –
Daylesford is in the Hepburn Shire
located in the Goldfields area between the regional cities of Ballarat and Bendigo. Other nearby towns are Castlemaine, Creswick, Trentham and Clunes. Daylesford is easily accessible from Melbourne, being a 90 minute drive, mostly on the Freeway.

Gold was first discovered in the early 1850s where Lake Daylesford is now. Thousands of locals and immigrants heard about Daylesford and flocked to the goldfields in the hope of getting rich and of course some did but many more did not.

About a thousand of the immigrants came from the Ticono region in Switzerland to find gold. These immigrants could speak Italian hence the Swiss-Italian influence still seen today in some of Daylesford’s and Hepburn Springs beautiful buildings and multi cultural lifestyle. Many descendants still live and work in the area.

The Daylesford area has an abundance of mineral springs which were formed millions of years ago. In Daylesford there are many mineral springs that are easily accessible like the Central Springs and the Wombat Flat Springs. Both of these are very close to Lake Daylesford and you can find them when you go for a leisurely stroll around the lake.

Wombat Flat Spring on the edge of Lake Daylesford

Wombat Flat Spring on the edge of Lake Daylesford

What is so Special about Daylesford

Driving into Daylesford you will be greeted with beautiful forests and streetscapes worthy of many photos. When you start exploring there are two beautiful lakes, stunning gardens and historic buildings and this is just the beginning.

The main street of Daylesford is Vincent Street, there is an amazing array of boutique shops and many other unique shops, cafes, restaurants for everyone to explore. Also there are many historic buildings to admire along the way like the Town Hall and the Post Office which were both built in the late 1800’s.

Natural therapy is a huge part of the area, there are over one hundred businesses based around natural wellness including spas, massages, acupuncture and much more. You will be pampered and treated in the most amazing locations, quite often only a few steps from luxury and nature.

Many of the shops are in original buildings from the 1800’s or early 1900’s. As you walk the main street of Daylesford it is interesting to imagine what they could have been when the main street was dirt and ‘horse and carts’ and the first cars were being used.

About Daylesford Things To Do

Driving into the Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens is exciting and breathtakingly beautiful. From high on the hill the views over Daylesford are amazing and the manicured trees and plants are a gardeners dream come true. The trees that were first planted in the 1860s are huge and some are very rare. Follow the paths, climb the lookout tower, have a picnic, sit in the rotunda and visit the conservatory and the Wombat Hill House Cafe.

Daylesford has two lakes that are quite different, Lake Daylesford and Jubilee Lake. Lake Daylesford is about one kilometre from the main street and has great views from every angle. It is surrounded by manicured lawns, bridges and a walking path called the ‘Peace Mile’. Try your luck at catching a fish, have fun on a paddle boat, view an abundance of birdlife and see historical buildings and places of interest.

Jubilee Lake is about 2.5 kilometres out of Daylesford towards Ballan. Jubilee Lake is in a beautiful natural bush setting which is very quiet and peaceful. Next to the lake is the Jubilee Lake Holiday Park where you can stay for a holiday or you can visit for the day. Picnic facilities are available, a playground, canoes and paddleboats are for hire, go fishing, bird watching, bush walking and exploring.

Daylesford and Hepburn Springs have many other things to do, if you are visiting with your family you maybe looking for some ideas for family fun things to do.

Daylesford Central Springs Mineral Reserve - ideal for picnics and bush walking

Central Springs Mineral Reserve – ideal for picnics and bush walking

Maybe someone has recommended you visit Daylesford area, they have obviously seen how wonderful and interesting the area is. It may take several visits to really start exploring. Each time you visit you will find new intriguing places and things that will compel you to come back again.

You will find each time you visit this area you will discover why Daylesford and Hepburn Springs are so magical and alluring and you will keep coming back.

If we could ‘bottle’ what is so special we would all be rich.
I haven’t found a bottle big enough yet, maybe you can find one!

There are so many ‘unique, natural, beautiful, historical and exciting‘ things that are blended together to make Daylesford and Hepburn Springs so ‘Awesome!’

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About Daylesford